About Us

Stories keep the world turning.

When you share a story, you enrich a life. Stories give us drive; they show us paths that were once dim and uncertain. We share the beauty of community through interactive storytelling. Hands-On engages the audience with a variety of storytelling experiences. Come tell a story with us!

Our mission is to promote literacy through an appreciation of the arts.

We combine different forms of art to tell a story with our audience.  Hands-On provides an inclusive interactive storytelling experience for everyone.

We tell the story together.

Our folktales are focused for ages 5 and up. Our stories grow with our audience.  Our wide variety of world folktales can be tailored for any subject or event.  Anything from interactive team building stories, to build your own story workshops.  Check out our video below for more information.


Hands-On is proud to announce our new writer, Catherine Diggs. 

Catherine Diggs is a freelance writer who grew up in Montreal, cultural capital of Canada. She was raised in a bilingual family with an American father and a French Canadian mother. She obtained a bachelor’s degree from McGill University in English Literature, Philosophy and Anthropology. Once graduated from college in the fall of 2013, she became very involved in the Montreal rave, jazz and visual art scenes. She hosted musical and artistic productions featuring both local and international talent. She gained experience working in the Montreal festival industry, as well as for the city’s street fundraising initiatives for NGOs, such as the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. She eventually felt compelled to travel away from home to further develop herself professionally and artistically. After travelling to Detroit in the summer of 2015, she fell in love with the city’s music and art scenes and knew from there that the Motor City would play a huge role in her life. In July of 2016, after having spent 7 months in different parts of the U.S, she moved to Detroit with one goal at heart: to document the voices from its community