Winter Storytime!


We tell the story together

Yetl Brings Light

Winter Storytime was a huge success!  Thank you to all who came to tell a story with us!

Storytelling Options

 We travel to you and provide everything needed to spin our tales.  Our stories are interactive, and begin with a 15-20 minute presentation that teaches the group how they can tell the story with the storyteller. The times below do not include the presentation time, only the time it takes to tell the story. Due to the nature of the program, all times are close approximates.

For all ages
The Tailor of Limoise (lee-m’waz) French: A provincial French tale about a penny-pinching woman who attempts to swindle a famous tailor; only to find herself caught in her own cunning trap. (20 min)
My Lord Bag of Rice or Tawara Toda Japanese: A brave hunter helps a Dragon King save his kingdom from a dangerous foe using courage, compassion, and skill. (25 min)
Yetl Brings Light Tlingit: A Tlingit tale about how the crafty Raven used it’s magic to fill the sky with light and help man see around the world. (25 min)
Ages 10 and up
The Lake Monster Inuit: A brave and misunderstood young man secretly feeds his starving village and teaches his wicked mother-in-law an important lesson about judging a book by its cover. (25 min)
Urashimu and the Lady of the Water  Japanese:  A sad tale about a kind fisherman who saves a helpless Turtle; and is rewarded for his compassion with a great adventure. (30 min)

Contact us for a great addition to any event. We have tales for all ages.