S.H.O.W.  or Sustainable Hands On Workshop is a green instrument creation workshop that can be added to any storytelling session.  S.H.O.W. sessions usually last about 30 minutes. The students are guided in creating instruments from recycled products.Participants have a choice of making:

Tambourine/Rain Stick  and  Drum/Shaker

Students are encouraged to apply what they learn about creating instruments from found objects and recycled products at home and in their communities. We focus on giving patrons the tools they need to keep creating art.

The Storyteller guides the audience in a process called the Sound Circle, and facilitates an audience made original piece of music that tells a unique story.

The audience provides orchestration for the story, as the Storyteller performs the folktales as each character, and act as the narrator giving cues. The end result is a folktale told by engaging the entire group.  We tell the story together.