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  • One Cowry Shell:  Ancient Dahomean tale (Africa- Benin folklore)                                                          A wise servant goes on a journey to help a King with an impossible request.
  • Our Lord Bag of Rice: from the age of Heroes (Asia- Japanese folklore)                                                  A brave Hunter shows compassion and finds an enchanted adventure when he offers to help a mysterious man near the waters of Lake Biwa.
  • Yetl Brings Light: creation story (North America-Tlingit tribe pronounced Kling-kit)                        A crafty Raven helps mankind see the world, and liberates the sun, moon and stars through wit and trickery.

These are just a few of the tales we spin.  Bringing you the best interactive folktales, means we spend lots of time in the library.  Our list of tales is always growing.

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