Summer 2015 recap (with pics)

It’s important to reflect on big events.

Time flies so quickly, if we don’t record our stories they can be forgotten.

So, let’s take a moment to celebrate our wonderful summer.  This year Hands-On created unique programs and shared stories with Matrix Theatre Co., Detroit Institute of Arts, and Hamtramck Public Library.

Matrix Theatre invited us to lead Our Diverse Arts camp. We went to Holly, MI and enjoyed two days at camp Ohiyeasa.  We created our own Myths and Legends about the camp and shared them over a fire (with marshmallows).  Our camp studied different forms of art and took a field trip to the Detroit Music Hall, Puppet Art Theatre, and the Z Garage.  We were inspired by nature and art found in our own city. Local artists came together to help the students form their plays and visual arts.  We presented at the Carr Center and Matrix Theatre at the end of our journey.  What an amazing experience to spin tales with such wonderful campers!  The artists who came to the camp really blew us away with their presentations!  Thanks Noah and Kelsey!  A picture is worth 1,000 words..

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Detroit Institute of Arts & Hamtramck Public Library welcomed Hands-On Folktale’s 2015 Summer Storytime!  We spun a water tale from Japan that takes place on one of the oldest lakes on the planet!  Can you believe we told a story in Rivera Court?!  Where better to share a piece of history, than in front of an important piece of Detroit history?

The library also requested we lead a SHOW (Sustainable Hands-On Workshop).  We taught our participants how to make a rain-stick, tambourine, drum, or shaker out of recycled products.  We used the instruments to tell a story from the Age of Heroes.

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We were able to create these instruments using recycled products donated by:

Thank you for making our summer the greatest!