Hands-On is back in the classroom

This year we had a request from some of our High School students…(imagine a drumroll) we are pleased to announce the first ever

Hands-On Contest

Are you a student in a Hands-On class? Do you have a story you want the world to see?
Send in your stories to by noon on Saturday Dec. 19, 2015.
Your story must be 100 words or more.
Since this is the first contest, you choose the theme!
The winning story will be published on our site and you will receive a special prize for your hard work.
The winner will be announced on December 21st at 2pm.

Special thanks to the students of Cody DIT High School for requesting the contest.

How to win?

A panel of judges will be looking for: original ideas, clear characters, word choice, well defined “five parts of a story”, and IMAGINATION
Stories may be submitted in Spanish, English, or both.
We at Hands-On wish all of our contenders well. May the odds ever be in your favor. In our eyes, every storyteller is a winner. So remember, HAVE FUN!!!

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