Hands-On 2016 Short Story Winner

Happy New Year!  Thank you all for sharing your stories.

We received comedies, horror stories, superhero romances, zombie apocalypses and a few science fiction tales (robots and techno-mages).  All of the stories were full of adventure, fun to read.

Thank you!  Keep writing and keep sharing your work.

After careful consideration, we have a winner.

Antonio R.

Schulze Elementary

You will get to choose between a gift certificate to Toys R’ Us or Gamestop and enjoy tickets to an AMC movie theatre!  We will contact your school with details.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Hands-On would like to give an honorable mention to the runner up, Farron B.  Great story, Farron.  We hope to read more of your work in the future.


Drumroll Please…

Hands-On Folktales proudly presents the winning short :

Practice Makes Perfect! by Antonio R.

Goku, you need to practice so you can beat Fre22a.  

Just remember, practice makes perfect.

I know, Dad.  I’m on Supersan two.  

Now, since I practiced.. I think I can beat him.  

He’ll be easy. I’ll beat him using this form.  

DAD!  When I was fighting him, I got beat.  

I thought you said ,  Practice Makes Perfect

It does.  You need to do it more in order to beat him. 

Get some rest, Goku.  I’ll show you my ways in the morning. 

Ok  Dad.  Good night , Dad.

Mean while Goku and Dad was training so he can train his child in the morning.  

So Goku can beat Fre22a at the tournament tomorrow morning.   

His Dad trained all night.  

2nd annual Contest (updated)


Deadline extended- by popular demand.  You can submit your stories until noon on Tuesday December 27th.  The winner will still be announced January 2nd.

Have a great holiday, everyone!

Last year we had a request from a High School Student for a short story contest.  It went so well, we are doing it again!

See the link above for the 2015 details.

Drum roll please…


Hands-On Short Story Contest

Have you participated in a Hands-On class during 2016?

Do you have a story you want the world to see?
Send in your stories to:


  • submit by noon on Monday Dec. 19, 2016.   Tuesday Dec. 27, 2016

  • Your story must be 100 words or more.

Eugene M. (our 2015 winner) has chosen the theme for this years contest.

The 2016 short story theme is:

                 Practice makes Perfect.


The winning story will be published on our site and you will receive a prize.

Last year’s prize was:  A moleskin journal, $25.00 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, 2 tickets to a Matrix Theatre play.

The winner will be announced on

Monday Jan. 2, 2017.

How to win?

A panel of judges will be looking for:

  1. original ideas,

  2. clear characters,

  3. word choice,

  4. well defined “five parts of a story”,


Stories may be submitted in Spanish, English, or both.
We at Hands-On wish all of our contenders well. May the odds ever be in your favor. In our eyes, every storyteller is a winner. So remember, HAVE FUN!!!

2016 Fall/Winter Classes and Workshops

Wow, this year has been so great.  We are teaching semester long residencies in Wayne, Oakland and Washtenaw county in 14 classrooms for grades 2-12.  So many stories!  Some of the stories we are working on, you’ll get to see as short films.  Others will showcase stories through live theatre, or visual art.  We’ll do our best to keep you updated.

Stay tuned!

Here is a sneak peek of how classes are going so far…



Huge THANKS to the Detroit Artists’ Test Lab!


The community focused founders of DATL have offered us a pop-up office.

We met DATL at their photography studio, for an upcoming project photo shoot.

But- let’s not spoil that surprise.  Keep your eyes on us this spring for that announcement.



Let’s celebrate our new pop up office!!



Professional Development! Arts First

ARTS FIRST! 2016: Join Us on Aug. 29
Oakland Schools is once again proud to present ARTS FIRST!, a one-day professional development conference specifically designed for K-12 band, orchestra, choral/general music, theater and visual arts educators. ARTS FIRST

Hands-On Folktales is glad to offer a workshop for this one-day professional development conference.