Showtime! One night only @ OCC

After all this work, the show is finally ready.  We open tonight at OCC Smith Theatre.  Show starts at 7:30pm!  Experience the stories of 6 local Veterans.

More details listed here DDC dances info

We began this journey with a series of interviews, and now those interviews have been translated to movement.  Dance, music, poetry and prose have been woven together to honor the story of 6 local Veterans.  We are so excited to share this with you.

Check the link above for more info on how you can hear this story!  cropped-cropped-handsonhands2.jpg


Our Artistic Director, Ramona Lucius, has brought Hands-On Folktales to education organizations like VSAMI.  Here is a clip of the documentary featuring our Hands-On Storytelling.

Hands-On’s mission is to promote literacy through appreciation of art.  We tell stories using dance, visual arts, and now (with the help of a wonderful production team) digital filmmaking.

So much to share


Hands-On Folktales is off to a great start!

We are serving students of all ages, from early childhood development to adult education throughout Metro-Detroit.  We are telling stories, making movies, and doing a lot of dancing.


We are proud to announce Hands-On and DDC dances are collaborating to tell the stories of our local heroes. January was full of interviews with Veterans sharing their experiences with us. We are creating a performance based on these moving accounts.  This creative team is lead by Barbara Selinger, Artistic Director of  DDC dances  and Lead Storyteller/Artistic Director of Hands-On, Ramona Lucius.

We hope you all join us April 29, 2016 to be apart of this important event.  Save the date.

Details to come.

New Year! New Chapter!

Happy New Year

We look forward to a fresh season of stories and ideas.  Last year we grew so much!  We created The Book of Detroit,  went away to Our Diverse Arts Camp, and traced the path of our individual experiences with the Bioneers.  Not to mention all of our classes, interactive storytelling performances and workshops.  

We have even more planned for 2016.   Our story is growing…

Want to be apart of our new chapter? 

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Let’s see how we can tell your story. 

Hands-On 2015 Short Story Winner

Thank you all for sharing your stories!


Our judges have read your stories and were  impressed with your story-weaving skill.  All storytellers are winners!  With your imagination you create new worlds and communicate ideas.  Keep writing!  It was a very tough decision, but we have a winner.


Eugene M.

Cody-Detroit Institute of Technology

You have won a journal, Barnes & Noble gift card, and three free tickets to Matrix Theatre’s Spring production!  We will contact your school with more details.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Hands-On Folktales would like to give an honorable mention to the runner up, Everett B.  Great story, Everett.  We hope to read more of your work in the future!


Drumroll please…..

Hands-On Folktales proudly presents the winning short story by Eugene M.

Sam loves cotton candy.  She don’t want to leave without her cotton candy.  So, Sam went to the store. She didn’t see her favorite cotton candy there.  In the morning, Daddy and Mama woke up because Sam was having a fit…about cotton candy.

Next week, a Cotton Candy Contest was announced.   Whoever wins the contest receives a prize of one million dollars.

Sam was so excited about the million dollar prize.  She said “I will win this contest!”.

So, when the day of the contest arrived Sam went back to the store and bought three kinds of cotton candy.  She had blueberry, strawberry, and bubble gum.  They started the contest at five but she got there at four.  Perfect timing.

Now that five o’clock came, the contest has started.  Sam mixed all of her cotton candy up and it turned out right.




Thank You!

We are reading through the contest submissions.  Such great stories!  Thanks to all our participants.  We can tell you worked very hard to create these bright characters and fantastic worlds.

Come back this Monday at 2pm to find out who won the first ever

Hands-On Short Story contest!

The grand prize is a three part story experience.  The winner will receive a moleskin journal, a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, and three tickets to Matrix Theatre Co.’s spring production. The entire world will be able to read the winning tale, which will be published on our website.

We’ve got lots of reading to do.

Thank you all for sharing your stories.




Hands-On is back in the classroom

This year we had a request from some of our High School students…(imagine a drumroll) we are pleased to announce the first ever

Hands-On Contest

Are you a student in a Hands-On class? Do you have a story you want the world to see?
Send in your stories to by noon on Saturday Dec. 19, 2015.
Your story must be 100 words or more.
Since this is the first contest, you choose the theme!
The winning story will be published on our site and you will receive a special prize for your hard work.
The winner will be announced on December 21st at 2pm.

Special thanks to the students of Cody DIT High School for requesting the contest.

How to win?

A panel of judges will be looking for: original ideas, clear characters, word choice, well defined “five parts of a story”, and IMAGINATION
Stories may be submitted in Spanish, English, or both.
We at Hands-On wish all of our contenders well. May the odds ever be in your favor. In our eyes, every storyteller is a winner. So remember, HAVE FUN!!!

Afterschool Programs

We have been invited by Matrix Theatre Co. to lead Theatre afterschool programs in Detroit.  We are telling stories with COMPAS (Center of Music and Performing Arts Southwest) and Alternatives For Girls.

We have created unique programs for the students at COMPAS & AFG.  This fall they will write stories individually, and as a group.  We will use acting, and visual arts to share our stories with an audience this winter.  We are hard at work rehearsing and re-writing our stories.

Some stories are too big to tell alone.

We are lucky to have such a great company of young authors and artists that work as an ensemble.   Keep an eye on our page for more information about our work with the COMPAS & Alternative For Girls afterschool programs.



Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!

I was recently asked,

                      “What do you do with recycled products that you don’t use to make instruments?”

Let me show you…

First we deconstruct unused instruments.  Then we separate our products and take them to the recycling center.

This time we went to SOCRRA in Troy.

Next, you throw away your recycled products in the appropriate bins.  Its just that simple, and you get to be an everyday hero (because you helped save the planet 😉 )